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terminology solution

Standardizing the standards

Solor is integrated clinical content generated from a transformation process that represents and brings together different terminology standards by using a single model that can encompass any customized content. Informaticists and developers can convert user-supplied terminologies into the single model by using open source software to produce Solor content.

Why Solor?

An integrated approach

Through integration, not replacement, of existing health standards, Solor decreases the costs of maintaining multiple terminologies and enables rapid responsive content development and collaboration. It also reduces the complexity of patient data representation to improve patient care and lower patient safety risk. Solor’s foundation is based on an open-source collaborative framework that is agile, customizable, sharable, and reusable—allowing medical professionals to spend less time being terminologists, and more time doing what they do best.

How does Solor work?

Achieving Semantic Interoperability

While many medical terminology giants create and manage medical terminologies, Solor integrates key terminologies into one, centralized location. Through coordination of SNOMED, LOINC, RxNorm, and other terminologies as needed, Solor removes ambiguity from overlapping content and presents patient data in uniformity—allowing for consistent reasoning, and consistent interaction, regardless of its source terminology.

How to Implement Solor

The current version of the Solor Viewer allows a user to import, transform, and view SNOMED and LOINC in Solor’s common model. Please visit our blog to learn more about this version’s new functionality.

Learn More

For more information on Solor, check out our news and events, read our blog, explore our presentations, listen to our podcasts or look into our FAQs.


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