Solor Viewer Release 1.2

On May 10th, 2018, the Solor Viewer’s 1.2 release is going live! The Solor Viewer allows users to view disparate medical terminologies (such as SNOMED, LOINC, and RxNorm) that have been transformed into Solor’s single common model. Solor provides an open source solution to integrate (not replace!) different terminology standards into a single model in a way that enhances their collective use. By protecting the original clinical meaning behind these terminologies, Solor will better support healthcare interoperability, and reduce the possibility of information loss and patient harm.

With the latest iteration of the Viewer, Solor is providing new features and capabilities to make these integrated standards easier to use, update, and extend for improved decision support capabilities and electronic health record (EHR) implementers.

You can download the Version 1.2 files here:

What is the Solor Viewer?

The Solor Viewer is an application (compatible with Windows and Mac) that allows users to import, transform, and view the content from disparate medical terminologies, all in one common model. After installing the Viewer with the help of the Solor User Guide, users can navigate and search Solor content, view Solor details of the data elements, and select specific concepts to view more information. As the Solor Viewer is open source, developers are encouraged to build on top of existing functionalities and work with the Solor team to make an impact on Health IT and interoperability.

What Functionalities Will the Latest Solor Viewer Include?

The Solor team is unveiling the latest version of the Solor Viewer to potential users on May 10th, 2018. By including the ability to import LOINC and RxNorm terminology standards, this iteration allows the user to view lab and prescription standards information, which will enhance the effectiveness and usability of the Solor content and Viewer. With this iteration, users will also be able to identify specific terminology data files they want to import and transform into Solor.

The new Assemblage View allows the user to view more information, such as Dialect, Language, FQN, Synonyms, and EL++ definitions, about a selected Solor concept. Thus, this new functionality empowers the user to obtain in-depth views on how Solor integrates different terminology standards into one common model. This new interactive interface includes an improved Concept Details View to include OWL EL++ definition information, which allows users to better understand the intricacies of such concepts.

The Solor team will continue development of the Solor Viewer and will release new versions as new functionalities are completed. Look out for future releases of the Solor Viewer.

Who Should Use the Solor Viewer?

The Solor Viewer is for anyone who is interested in learning more about Solor content and methodologies.

The goal of the Solor Viewer release 1.2 is to allow users to explore updates to the open source Solor Viewer platform, and see how the new functionalities improve Solor’s potential of improving patient care.