Solor Wins a 2018 FedHealthIT Innovation Award

Solor was recently honored with a 2018 FedHealthIT Innovation Award at the National Press Club! Solor officially launched in November 2017, and already has demonstrated its ingenuity to a panel of current and former Federal and Industry leaders from across the Federal Health IT sector. Over 300 senior Federal Health IT executives from Industry and Government came together to recognize Solor and other awardees for driving innovation and results across the Department of Veterans Affairs, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Military Health, the Department of Health and Human Services.

Solor is integrated clinical content generated from a transformation process that represents and brings together different terminology standards by using a single model that can encompass any customized content. Informaticists and developers can convert user-supplied terminologies into the single model by using open source software to produce Solor content. Solor “standardizes the standards,” and provides a consistent foundation for anyone to easily create and share customized clinical content.

“Today, Solor is beginning to demonstrate what is possible if we focus on delivering the promise of Health IT,” Dr. Keith Campbell said while accepting the award.

Demonstrating what is possible is only a beginning. Now, it is crucial to transition Solor from Innovation to Impact. To accomplish this transition, Solor needs your support. Consider how Solor—in concept or in embodiment—can fit within your efforts to enable higher quality health care. The Solor team encourages everyone to contact us, meet, and work together towards better, safer, seamless care.

Included here are pictures highlighting some amazing Solor moments from the event:

The Solor team with the FEDHealthIT Award


Dr. Keith Campbell accepting the award